“Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they become the brightest gems in a useful life.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leisure is the essence of an individual’s life. It defines mans freedom and that is the beauty of a simple life. Right utilization of leisure is itself an art. Men are not constrained to work in leisure time to ensure a successful living. Leisure holds a deep meaning in the philosophical world. It is an attribute associated with free men who can perform any activity of its own volition. In today’s world, the evolution of people from slaves to being free, has granted them the right of freedom of speech and action.

The human race should thank the High Power up there to be granted such a blessing. The oppression committed in countries, including Europe, in the 20th Century will have our hearts beating fast. This time was in the exclusive domain of the elite. The common mans time was entirely devoted to life’s constraints and the dictates of the community. Especially during the raw development of the secondary industries the people from women to the smallest child were enforced to work long, difficult hours. For a long time they did not understand the meaning of leisure.

Somerset Maugm is of opinion that leisure is the most priceless diamond a man can have. To him the only object of work is to obtain leisure. On a rather general observation of the society, many people consider leisure time as a waste of one’s precious life and consider investing it on productive work in order to earn more incomes. This belief has changed overtime.

To foremost people leisure is a source of rejuvenating one’s mind and relieves it from the mound of problems in our daily lives. Individuals, devoid of leisure, end up being puppets of time and humanity. It becomes of utmost importance to impress this practice upon the human race.

This short span of time can be consumed to explore the inner talents and to prosper in a particular talent. A writer or an artist can use this part of his life to paint such thoughts that can help bring a change in the human race and stretch his limbs in the breathless rollercoaster.

There is a famous believe that “an idle mind is a devils workshop.” A person can devote his time to gardening or even enjoying the beauty of the sunset and its surroundings. It’s a surreal thought. Imagine sitting under the warm glory of the sun or enjoying picnics with your family or friends in a picturesque place. It can allow for greater bonding and associations. One can contemplate for the future. One may never know what may happen in the future!!

Here we can quote the feelings of a great English poet Davies who never liked the over burden of life and wishes to have leisure in the following lines: “What if this life; if full of care, has no time to stand and stare.”

Though we all have monotonous lives with little time to spare for our hobbies and families, we must try to make the most of this time. These moments can help relieve us of our tensions and from a smile on our faces.

2 thoughts on “My Interpretations!!

  1. What a beautiful thought. Loved reading this post, especially the quote on top. Suggest you highlight it in some way. Either use a different font colour or a blockquote formatting.
    Thanks for the follow 🙂

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    1. Certainly. Ralph Waldo Emersons thought had caught me in its magic the moment I had read it. Its like t clicks and mingles in with what I intended to pen down. Definitely, next time I start with a quote I’ll highlight. Its quite a delightful that you liked it. Thank you very much!!! And welcome 😉

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