2016 is just round the corner and I have not yet decided on a new year resolution. My brother keeps nagging me everyday whether I had decided on a clever resolution.

This year is an important year for me because its officially the year when I will be graduating from high school and this is quite a big thing for me. This year I will also be considering my future plans so quite a lot ‘o few things are stored up for 2016.

However, I yet am writing down these aims so that I can get some head start:

  • Its important that I must take my writing career to some platform where I get recognized for it. I need write more blogs and become part of more magazines and online platform which can complement my university resume.
  • I must start looking for a perfect qualification which can pretty much sum up what I want with my life.
  • Often things get out of hand and so I need to learn to control things more often my way.
  • I intend to start a freelancing job in the summers and hope I fulfill this.

So, I hope you all have thought of a perfect resolution as Gregory says in The Diary of A wimpy Kid: “You need to think of some resolution.”

Happy New Year, people!!

3 thoughts on “Goals’2016

    1. Hahaha. Well, I have stick by them though I am finding them quite hard due to my business whats with all the work at school and that. Well, its a long year and BEFORE 2017 starts I must meet at least some of these goals if not all. You must have some goals at hand. They are like a sense of direction, a purpose like YEAH i have to do it.

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