On 14 January, 2016 the world lost an amazing actor, inspirational human being, role model for many children and an amazing hero! Words have become short to describe an aspirational person.

It was quite difficult for me to take in the truth that we have really lost snivellus and not only in Harry Potter. I was lost in the haze of my thoughts, confused whether to be shocked or to shed tears for Rickman? For long I intended to pay tribute Alan and here I am typing down my thoughts.

– Along with Harry, I hated you but we misunderstood you. Till the end was made clearer.

– You wanted to sit in a rocking chair and read the delightful series at the age of 80. I promise that if I ended up being 80, I will do that in remembrance of you.

Its important that the world remembers not only as greasy Professor Snape but more than this. As Robin, as a loving person and the savior of people.


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