The Unspoken.

Its something rarely commented on in my society šŸ˜¦


One day at school I was chit chatting with my friends when we asked each other the same question ,the heroin of our favorite novel (Peer e Kamil) was asked. What is your biggest wish , something you can give your life away for? I said a couple of things which I donā€™t remember now except for one. I said I want to finish prostitution from this world.

I knew what I was saying was near to impossible. Ever since then, this sentence has never escaped out of my mind. I keep thinking what can be done to wipe prostitution from this world. For this we all need to unite. We need to use whatever resources we have or maybe expand them. I donā€™t only want prostitution to end and free the birds that have long been caged. But I am fighting for the provision of proper rights for prostitutesā€¦

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Confused, Confused, Confused……

Every then and now whenever I sit and type down something I simply go blank. My aspiration to become a reputed writer is not becoming fulfilled. This summer I intended to write and write and write, which sadly went down the drain as I have become so lazy that it pains me that what will…