When I last blogged I was the child who was anticipating the new adventures and promises A-levels brought with it. A-levels was supposed to be something about self exploration, personal development and advancing several stairs up on the maturity scale.

The reality is like pain searing through my body.

Honestly, that’s me trying to be funny. All i have been doing is procrastinating and wallowing in misery of how I hate to study, how I must become independent and how should really work on my writing. After all I have these dreams to accomplish.

A-levels, in reality, is the epitome of laziness, wallowing in misery and fantasizing about body massages night after night.

I dream about those massages to come soon, for A-levels to end soon but than what about the separation with friends, the tantamount of responsibilities to shoulder and the feeling of being an adult and making several life decisions.

Makes me think that I’m pretty okay with being 17 my entire life.

Can some vampire drop in my room and freeze my age?

6 thoughts on “Why blog after an year?

  1. This is an honest post! I think you’ll find this time goes quickly, but in the moment it feels like a drag. Procrastination is really just a fear of failure, knowing that means you can prepare to succeed. Try not to be too hard on yourself, you are under a lot of pressure and I can imagine at times it feels overwhelming. But you’ll push through, achieve some great grades and be able to live the rest of your life x

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