On 23rd February, 2000, my mother brought me into this world.

18 years later on the same, faithful day I turn 18.

People ask why are you excited? To grow old? To become legal in sense?

They ask do you feel any different?

In its entirety, 18 is all but a figure. It seems so much more but do people start treating you as an adult? Is it an automatic reaction with deep biological connections discovered long ago? I don’t think so. Because things still seem the same. I turned 18 with a breeze and the movie still played on. I hardly transform into a less weighty, beauty queen or more intellectual and intelligent. So, despite what people say days will pass and so does the feeling of legally, on papers, being an adult.

The movie must play on and we all move on.



5 thoughts on “18 is all but a figure!

  1. Hey I found your blog through Mvadi’s and I totally like what I see…
    You know that saying “Age is just a number” well I don’t see any other post inscribing this any better 🙂



    1. Thank you for discovering me. Every like, every comment and praise has me soaring on cloud 9 because its more than anything for me. Well yeah I still don’t feel any different. Hehehehehe.


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