Love is such a profound emotion. When a person comes to feel it, they are surrounded by it. Love can be innocent yet on the opposite wild too. Love between two friends can be illustrious yet if the relationship between two friends requires work from one side is toxic in its entirety.

My body is consumed with this anger which may become toxic if I do not take it out on the right outlet. What use is it if the only person who deserves to bear it acts out there like they are the most deserving person. There every move on the social media comes under my scrutiny and everyday I feel this toxic anger growing inside me.

No one cares about you in this world. No one tries to understand you. All that is left your very own person. You can barely become dependent on anyone because the more you open your heart to them the more they use you. I have a weakness of being friendly and kind with people and I try to see the good in them. But most who seem bitchy do not even bother me. I try to value everyone equally but no one ever did that for me before.

There are slight exceptions!

I am going bonkers maybe…………


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