In the perpetual reverie of nothingness, grief is that emotion which holds you tightly and squeezes you until all you can is gasp, splutter, and take your last breath before you fall in its clutches. Life is profound and human being is capable of such emotions that makes you go in awe but sometimes they become a bit too much.

It is such a potent emotion that it hurts and makes you howl. Tackling relationships can be tricky if one player is losing the game. It cracks the rhythm and the natural flow of things begins to get disrupted. Last Sunday, a message severed the already weak strings of our relationship. It’s surprising how a simple I don’t trust you can break you out of your sleep and shatter you immensely. It consumed my thoughts the entire day.

I did not know what to say but trust is what makes a relationship. Mistakes are what make us human. Broken trust doesn’t.

She meant much to me and I never intended but maybe mistakes don’t take your intentions into account. She was dear to me but maybe the broken cords won’t ever fix and a relationship, which had bloomed between us, may never see the light of the day. Not a single day has passed since I read those fateful words.

If she ever reads this, all I want her to know is that maybe regrets and apologies can’t bring back what we had but I will forever be sorry for losing you.

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