Humming to the tune of Justin Bieber ft D Snake ‘let me love you’, I am reminded of old memories. As old as 4 years ago. I had developed my love for writing but it was immature, needed editing, needed spanking and all the necessary nourishment that any writer would require.

In these 4 years, I have learned much to be reminded what decisions to make, what beliefs will keep me to the path and what is my true motto. I have transitioned much. 4 years ago I was an obsessive, fan girl who kept tab on her favorite celebrities and stalked them like a daily mantra. May thy thank the gods to give me some sense and conscience.

Today, I am psyched about my grades massively, assignments are a part of my daily routine without which I want get the hang of an entity called, ‘super normal profit.’

I am psyched about what college would i be going next fall and what will I be doing with my life after A-levels. I am psyched about internships, my writing career. In short, its not hard to predict that I am psyched about everything which seemed like a distant myth 4 years ago. From being an obsessive, fan girl to a thinker and writer, I have evolved as a person and I am thankful that I get to see the next morning and sleep the next night.

Happy 17th to me!

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