Today was a day of mixed feelings. Excitement, anger, misery,…….jealousy!

I always talk about how I adore my writing and focus my person to do the best. It seems petty but it felt like a stab on my work. It was declared as pathetic and lacked elements for an excellent spell. It hurt and I felt this shock of jealousy when my mentor was all praise for my colleagues work. Jealousy, mixed with betrayal, tastes bitter and metallic.

I brave compassion and team work but today, the way I felt, was horrible.

My work seems to get rejected, my focus distracted and my thoughts scattered and incomplete.

And I feel broken.


3 thoughts on “Jealousy is an ominous feeling….

    1. Its makes us more human rather than envisioning ourselves as perfect human beings not capable of emotions like jealousy and anger. What matters is whether we let it consume us or we hold it and control it.


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